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Sophia Arts is a space where one can create through, engage with, and move the Creative Self.

Every human being has unique potential and vision from which to create. The arts we seek to foster the creative soul in the world through artistic exploration and expression. We seek to deepen this human potential, develop our unique mission that can unfold in this life, as well as encourage a mutually supportive and co-creative environment.

Sophia Arts strives to encourages this co-creativity on a individual, social and a spiritual level.

The Wisdom path through art is a path of self-development weaving between personal experience and archetypal wisdom, through which our deepest fount can find expression in the world. Our highest potential seeks to manifest itself out of our creative being and in relationship with the spiritual. It can find a possibility for this in a non-cohersive place of soul that fosters living Wisdom that seeks to be revealed through human endeavours.

By our participation, cosmic truths are manifested in earthly creations.

They become part of an objective being of human wisdom; wisdom becomes love.

Through diverse forms of artistic exploration: painting out of colour,  poetry and movement or

engaging creative thinking from the heart, we seek to make visible to ourselves

and others our unique Creative Self and offer it to the world creatively.

“Art creates the bridge between being and embodiment."

~ M. C. Richards, Centering

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